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CBC Radio Sings Hezbollah's Tune

by Mike Fegelman

Cbcradio_1_1This past Monday, January 15,  correspondent Ben Gilbert filed a report on CBC Radio’s program The World at Six which profiled "Hezbollah and the music of resistance."

Click below to listen to the full report:


In a profile of a Hezbollah band named "Al Wilaya," Gilbert described the band’s "artistic side," their "triumphal tunes," and their "songs of revolution." Amazingly, Gilbert neglected to mention that Hezbollah seeks the destruction of Israel and is deemed a terrorist organization under Canadian law.

Mtc_1 Borrowing from the terrorists’ lexicon, the CBC anchor who introduced Gilbert’s report described Hezbollah as a "resistance" organization. As we have said before, using the term "resistance" implies that CBC accepts Hezbollah’s actions as legitimate.

Gilbert then described the band members’ status as "activists" and "heroes."

We wonder: If CBC were interviewing an Al Qaeda marching band or a KKK youth choir, would they not mention their dubious legacies and avowed aims?

We expect better from the national broadcaster.

To contact CBC, call 1-866-306-4636, use CBC’s online feedback form, or email: audience_relations@cbc.ca.



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