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CBC Radio Issues On-Air Correction after HRC Intervention

by Mike Fegelman

In an April 3rd report on CBC Radio?s World Report program, host Martina Fitzgerald erroneously reported the following (click on image to hear audio):

CBC World Report Error (03-04-2009)

While Israel has rejected to participate in previous UNHRC council investigations, calling them biased as the body?s tendency is to single out Israel for criticism while ignoring other major violators, contrary to this report, Israel has not indicated whether or not it would cooperate with the Goldstone?s delegation. See the following articles from the Jerusalem Post, JTA, and YnetNews which confirm the veracity of this information.

After HonestReporting Canada brought these facts to the attention of CBC editors, the following on-air correction ran on CBC World Report's April 4th program (click on image to hear audio):     

CBC World Report Correction (04-04-2009)




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