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CBC Radio Goes to Jerusalem

by Mike Fegelman

RadiooneOn Friday morning, CBC Radio One‘s morning show "The Current" will broadcast live from Jerusalem:

Evans "The Current comes to you live from Jerusalem today, hosted by CBC reporter Margaret Evans. She’ll analyze the so-called "cult of Nasrallah" to learn what accounts for the Hezbollah leader’s extraordinary personal popularity. And a provocative documentary about two Jewish women, one a secular Canadian who became drawn to an ultra-Orthodox wing of her religion, and another who left it to live a more secular, "Sex in the City" kind of life. Also, a profile of a Palestinian hip hop group on the cusp of international stardom. That’s on The Current, this morning at 8:30 (9:00 NT) on CBC Radio One."

For information on how to tune in, go here.

To tell CBC what you think of the show, go here.



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