CBC Portrays Israel As Aggressor in Recent Hostilities with Hezbollah

September 3, 2019

On August 29, CBC Radio aired a report by Beirut-based freelance reporter Rebecca Collard that portrayed Israel as the aggressor in recent hostilities with Hezbollah and which failed to mention any of Israel’s security concerns about the grievous threat that Iranian-sponsored terror group poses.

To listen to the CBC Radio report please click here or on the image below:

Here’s a short transcript of the report:

CBC Anchor: “… Last night’s intervention comes after Israel attacked Hezbollah targets.”

Reporter Rebecca Collard: “In the past week Israel has carried out two attacks, one killing two Hezbollah members in Syria. The following day the Lebanese military says two Israeli drones crashed in Beirut. The Lebanese President said the drones were like a declaration of war and the government has pledged to defend the country’s sovereignty. An Israeli military statement said the drones last night returned to Israel, but the incident indicates a shift in behaviour of the Lebanese Army that could make the situation even more volatile and that’s making some worry the country is heading toward another deadly war.”

Contrary to what was reported by the CBC, Israel only carried out one attack. Untold by Ms. Collard (and we strenuously take issue with her failure to include the following context) Israel says its attack in Syria was a pre-emptive strike against Iranian Quds Force operatives who were about to carry out an imminent attack on Israel by launching killer attack drones.

With respect to the Israeli drones, Israel did not carry out an attack. Instead, it’s understood that these were reconnaissance drones. The Hezbollah terror group claims that they had explosives in them, but there’s no evidence which confirms the veracity of this.

Israel has sounded the alarm bell about how Iran, it contends, is arming its terror proxy Hezbollah with precision guided missiles that could be fired at Israel and elsewhere. Hezbollah is believed to possess 120,000 missiles. Also untold by Ms. Collard is that Israel recently neutralized many Hezbollah attack-tunnels that were dug into Israel with the purposes of carrying out a mass-scale attack and/or to kidnap Israeli civilians and soldiers. Hezbollah is viewed as a state within a state as its armed forces equal and may surpass the scale of Lebanon’s own army.

The troubling lack of context and omission of Israel’s legitimate security concerns, unfairly depicted Israel as the aggressor.

In light of the above, we asked senior personnel at the CBC to broadcast a forthcoming report which fully acknowledges Israel’s security concerns in the face of Hezbollah and Iranian regional aggression.

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