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by Mike Fegelman
  • Jun 3 2010: “Photo gallery: Gaza-bound flotilla raid in pictures”. The online photo gallery of the Gaza flotilla incident distorted the operation’s true aim by selectively omitting pictures of the Israeli army being viciously attacked by the unruly mob, by excluding photos showing the large amounts of weapons found on the boat and by leaving out images showing how the anti-Israel militants had premeditated the attack on the IDF. Gallery updated: the photo gallery was updated with new pictures showing Israeli soldiers being attacked.
  • Apr 29 2010: “Palestinian PM’s statehood tactics win support”. Report incorrectly asserted that statehood had proved elusive for the Palestinians due in part to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s refusal to endorse a two-state solution. Correction issued: “An earlier version of this story said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to endorse a two-state solution. In fact, Netanyahu has endorsed a two-state solution but with several conditions attached.”
  • Apr 12 2010: “Canada ‘regrets’ Israeli settlements”. Original report falsely claimed that Israel was building 1600 new Israeli “settlements” in an East Jerusalem neighbourhood. Lead and photo caption corrected: “Canada voiced muted criticism Thursday over the planned expansion of 1,600 new Israeli housing units in East Jerusalem.”
  • Mar 9 2010: “Biden condemns new Israeli settlements”: Original report falsely claimed that US Vice-President Joe Biden had condemned new Israeli “settlements” in East Jerusalem. Report amended: “Biden condemns new Israeli construction”.
  • Feb 4 2010: “Rights and Democracy torn by dissent”. Original report incorrectly described Israel’s 2009 military operation in Gaza as an Israeli offensive “against” Gaza: “The new members challenged grants being made to three human rights organizations known to be critical of Israel’s human rights record, especially in the Israeli offensive against Gaza.” Report revised: “The new members challenged grants being made to three human rights organizations known to be critical of Israel’s human rights record, especially in the Israeli offensive in Gaza.”
  • Jan 30 2010: “Fredericton rally marks Gaza conflict”. Original report failed to acknowledge or contextualize Israel’s reason for carrying out its 2009 defensive operation in Gaza: “A rally was held in downtown Fredericton Saturday to mark the first anniversary of the end of an Israeli offensive in Gaza which killed about 1,400 people.” Report amended: “Israel carried out the incursion into the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip from Dec. 27, 2008, to Jan. 18, 2009, saying it was trying to halt years of Palestinian rocket fire at Israeli towns.”
  • January 11 2010: “Israel to erect barrier along Egypt’s border”: Report incorrectly stated that Israel was to erect a barrier on Egypt’s border. Report revised: “Israel to erect barrier along Egypt’s border”.
  • December 28 2009: “Israel to build new housing in east Jerusalem“: Report depicted Israel as building Jewish-only housing in east Jerusalem and omitted mention of housing development for East Jerusalem Arabs. Report revised: “Plans for development have included Arab families, the government has stressed. Last week, Israel authorized the building of 500 new homes in Silwan, one of Jerusalem’s Arab neighbourhoods.”
  • November 26 2009:Al-Jazeera English gets CRTC approval”: Report incorrectly stated that HonestReporting Canada opposed Al-Jazeera English’s Canadian licence application. Correction issued: “The group called Honest Reporting Canada did not oppose the application by Al-Jazeera English as earlier reported.”
  • November 19 2009: “Tory pamphlets courting Jewish voters anger Grits”: Report incorrectly stated the second UN conference on racism was held in Durban, South Africa. Report revised: “They point out, for instance, that Harper’s Conservatives “led the world” in boycotting the second UN-sponsored conference on racism in Geneva, Switzerland, which the pamphlets dubbed a “hate fest against Israel.””
  • Oct 6 2009: Report incorrectly stated that Benjamin Netanyahu was the “former Israeli” pm, vs. the “current’. Article was amended online with the correct information.
  • July 7 2009: Report stated “In 1982, the Israeli air force destroyed Iraq’s nuclear reactor in a lightning strike. But Iran’s facilities are scattered around the country, some of then underground.” Correction issued: “In 1981, the Israeli air force destroyed Iraq’s nuclear reactor in a lightning strike. But Iran’s facilities are scattered around the country, some of then underground.”
  • June 4 2009: CBC reports that the Palestinian village of Bil’in had sent two representatives to Montreal to sue Quebec companies Green Park and Green Mount Int. for alleged “war crimes.” No comment from either organization was presented nor were there comments from any pro-Israel organization. An updated report featured comments from the lawyers of these companies.
  • June 2 2009: Report states “Palestinian village sends pair to sue Quebec companies… town alleges firms broke law by building Israeli settlements.” Report re-issued to add “A Montreal lawyer for the companies, Ronald Levy, told the CBC News the lawsuit is totally inappropriate and this case falls outside of Canadian legal jurisdiction. On June 22, he said, he’ll demand the Quebec Superior Court dismiss the lawsuit.”
  • Feb 19 2009: A story published Feb 18 about the border crossings between Israel and the Gaza Strip originally said 3000 Palestinians killed in a conflict between Israel and Hamas in late 2008 and early 2009. In fact, about 1,300 Palestinians died in the conflict. Correction issued.
  • Apr 22 2009: Headline reads “Canada first nation to join Israel in boycotting UN anti-racism summit in Geneva” and article states “Canada was the first nation other than Israel to announce its boycott of the UN summit over concern it would be hijacked by antagonism toward the Jewish state.” Corrected headline reads “Canada and Israel boycotting UN anti-racism summit in Geneva” and story reads “Canada and Israel are both boycotting the UN summit.”
  • Mar 24 2009: “A story published about Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon’s visit to one of the Mideast initially said former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had visited the town of Beit Hanoun and that a UN school had come under Israeli fire there. Correction stated “Blair did not visit Beit Hanoun, he visited Beit Lahiya. The school in Beit Lahiya did not come under fire, but the American International School in Beit Lahiya did and the Israeli military said the campus was a legitimate target since it was used to fire rockets.” Correction issued.
  • Mar 12 2009: “Canada has already withdrawn from the UN racism conference.” Correction stated “Canada and Italy have already withdrawn from the UN racism conference.”
  • Feb 10 2009: “Lebanon has had a tense relationship with Israel – brought to the fore in 2006, when war broke out between the two neighbours.” Correction stated “Israel invaded southern Lebanon in 2006 in a 34-day conflict with Hezbollah militants who were based there.”
  • Feb 2 2009: “Two rockets launched from Gaza into the south region of Israel. There were no reports of casualties or damage.” Correction stated “it later emerged that two Israeli soldiers and one Israeli civilian had been hurt.”
  • Jan 22 2009: “Israel ended its campaign Sunday but hasn’t reopened border crossings with Gaza.” Correction issued “while Israel hasn’t fully reopened the crossings, it has allowed humanitarian aid supplies into Gaza. More than 2,000 supply trucks have entered Gaza through these crossings since the start of the 22day conflict between Israel and Hamas.”
  • Jan 6 2009: “Israel launched a series of air attacks against targets in the Gaza strip.” Correction stated “After the six-month ceasefire expired on Dec 19, Palestinian Hamas stepped up rocket attacks against southern Israel.”
  • Sept 24 2008: “Israel was not at war with Lebanon in 2007, as originally reported. In fact, Israel fought a 34-day conflict with Hezbollah militants in southern Lebanon.” Correction issued.
  • Sept 21 2008: Report claims Olmert called to resign after a government report criticized his “handling of the war against Lebanon the previous year.” Revision issued that stated “his handling of the 34 day conflict against militant organization Hezbollah in southern Lebanon the previous year.” Correction issued.
  • Aug 23 2008: CBC report claims “pro-Palestinian activists suffered from rough seas and accused Israel of sabotaging their communications equipment.” Story revised to say “Israeli foreign ministry dismissed the allegations that Israel damaged the communications system as ‘total lies.’”
  • Aug 5 2008: “The original story incorrectly stated that Israel is occupying both the West Bank and Gaza. In fact, Israel pulled its troops and settlers out of Gaza in 2005, although it still carries out military operations there.” Correction issued.
  • July 18 2008: A report states Israel went to war with Lebanon in the summer of 2006. Report revised to be more precise, stating that Israel went to war with Hezbollah.
  • July 17 2008: CBC News writes Kantar “allegedly killed” a father in front of his four-year old daughter. This report changed to “Kantar was convicted in four deaths after a notorious 1979 attack in the northern coastal town of Nahariya.”
  • July 16 2008: Report used the word Palestine instead of Palestinian. Correction issued, placed quotation marks around the word Palestine.
  • Apr 22 2008: CBC’s official blog “Inside the CBC” carried a blog post mentioning that the BBC’s Alan Johnston, formerly kidnapped by Hamas in Gaza, will be speaking in Toronto. The post incorrectly included a photo of the UK’s Heath Minister Alan Johnson. CBC blog editor removed the photo after our complaint.
  • Apr 9 2009: An earlier version of this story said a human rights probe headed by Richard Goldstone would investigate alleged Israeli war crimes during a three-week conflict with Hamas that ended Jan. 18, 2009. In fact, Goldstone said his team would investigate “all violations of international humanitarian law” before, during and after the conflict, including allegations against Israelis in the Gaza Strip and allegations against Palestinians in southern Israel. Correction issued.
  • April 3 2008: CBC Ombudsman Upholds HRC Complaint: “I must agree with you that use of the word “settlement” in any story about Israel immediately summons up in the minds of the most well-informed readers questions of controversy. While it is possible to use that word in almost any other context and summon up the notion of outlying communities, within Israel the word carries too heavy a freight to use it loosely. I agree that it runs the clear and present risk of being misinterpreted. The use of the term “settlement” to describe towns and villages in Northern Israel, while perhaps grammatically correct, is misleading in the context of the current political situation in the region.”
  • Apr 2 2008: “A story published April 1 about Israeli settlement activity described neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem as disputed. In fact, Israel annexed East Jerusalem after the 1967 war and it is considered to be occupied territory like the West Bank.” Correction issued.
  • Mar 3 2008: Online report incorrectly referred to Ismail Haniyeh as the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, he’s actually considered to be the “former” or “deposed” Palestinian prime minister or ”current” Hamas Prime Minister. CBC corrected the error on the online report.
  • Feb 27 2008: Online report incorrectly said that a 30-year-old Israeli student was killed in a rocket attack; he was actually a 47-year-old father of two. CBC corrected the error on the online report.
  • Feb 4 2008: CBC editors changed the text of an online Mideast forum to remove the word “Palestine” in exchange for the word “Mideast”.
  • Jan 17 2008:Online Apology – According to a senior producer at CBC Online: “A CBC News interactive story entitled, ‘In the search for peace in the Middle East: The key players,’ erroneously reported that: ‘From Israel’s point of view… war with Lebanon in the summer of 2006.’ However, you pointed out, Israel did not go to war with Lebanon, but with Hezbollah. Yes, the sentence should have said ‘…war in Lebanon,’ not ‘…war with Lebanon.’ It was an inadvertent editing error.”
  • Jan 14 2008: “A story published on Jan. 13 reported that U.S. President George W. Bush had visited a school in Beit Lahiya, Gaza, during his trip to the Mideast. Bush visited the West Bank, but did not go to the Gaza Strip.” Correction issued.
  • Dec 28 2007: “A story published Dec. 27 about a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas reported that Israel plans to build new apartment units in East Jerusalem and the West Bank extend existing settlements. In fact, it says the units extend existing neighborhoods.” and “Israel has said the units extend existing neighborhoods, not settlements as originally reported.” Correction issued.
  • Dec 19 2007: A CBC News quiz’s answer legend inaccurately claimed that “Canada is providing $300 million over the next three years to the Palestinian economy. Contrary to this statement and as the CBC itself reported on Dec. 17: “Canada would provide $300 million over the next five years.” CBC Online’s executive producer apologized and amended the news quiz.
  • Nov 27 2007: A CBC report on Qassam rockets attacks claimed that only 400 rockets have been fired against Israel in 2007, contrary to this statement 3 times that amount have fallen on Israeli cities like Sderot. CBC edited this reference in the online article.
  • Nov 16 2007: A CBC report on an Israeli air strike that killed 5 Palestinians failed to mention that the IDF was targeting Palestinian rocket squads. Report also falsely claimed that Israel closed Gaza’s borders. HRC contacted a CBC producer who added 5 paragraphs to the online article mentioning the above along with the fact that 1,200 rockets have hit Israel since June.
  • Oct 30 2007: “A story published on Oct. 26 about Israel’s plan to disrupt power supplies to the Gaza Strip said the territory’s land and sea borders are still controlled by Israel. In fact, Gaza also shares a border with Egypt. Following the Hamas takeover in Gaza, Israel and Egypt closed the borders.” Correction issued.
  • Aug 14 2007: CBC’s “IN DEPTH: Middle East in Crisis” section, created specially for the Israel-Lebanon crisis, opened with a picture of a Beirut neighbourhood flattened by Israeli bombs. After complaints, CBC replaced the image with one of Israeli soldiers embracing one another.
  • July 26, 2007: “A story published July 25 about a proposal for Mideast peace started that an Arab League proposal for peace between Israel and Palestine was presented in Jerusalem. In fact, there is no country called Palestine. The proposal is for peace between Israel and Palestinians.” Correction issued.
  • July 25, 2007: “A backgrounder published on July 25 about the Middle East peace players incorrectly said that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had a face-to-face meeting with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in Cairo in April 2007. In fact, it was Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas who met Meshaal in Egypt.” Correction issued.
  • Jan 29 2007: Online Article misspelled Israeli Ambassador, Alan Baker’s name. Article corrected online.
  • Dec 18, 2006: Article erroneously reported that 18 Palestinians were killed in intercine fighting in the territories, in fact they were wounded, not killed. Correction issued.
  • Dec 26, 2006: Article misstated the date of a meeting between Olmert and Abbas. Correction issued.
  • Dec 27, 2006: News quiz misstated the Canadian aid expenditure to help in relief efforts after the Israeli-Hezbollah war this past summer. Correction issued.
  • Nov 15, 2006: Article erroneously claimed that only 300 rockets had been fired at Israel from Gaza, in actuality 800 had been fired. Article corrected online.
  • Nov 4, 2006: Article erroneously claimed that only 300 rockets had been fired at Israel from Gaza, in actuality 800 had been fired. Correction issued.
  • Aug. 10, 2006: Introductory photo to the CBC’s online Middle East section displayed a photo showing a Palestinian hiding under an Israeli bulldozer, symbolizing Israel as an aggressor. New photo was issued to replace biased photograph.
  • Aug. 10, 2006: Online timeline incorrectly attributed casualty statistics of an Israeli missile attack. Online story revised and edited.
  • July 22, 2006: CBC reported that 100 Palestinians had been killed in July and August of 2006. CBC failed to tell its readers that the majority of those killed were engaged in attacks against Israel. Previous reports were amended and subsequent reports referenced this information.
  • July 21, 2006: CBC failed to provide correct statistics about the number of rockets fired by Hezbollah into Israel. 8 subsequent reports on CBC.ca carried the correct information.
  • June 27 2006: CBC incorrectly referred to Palestinian terrorists and gunmen as soldiers recognized by the international community. Online story revised and edited.
  • June 21, 2006: CBC incorrectly reported that an Israeli air strike targeted a member of the political group Fatah, it actually targeted a member of a terrorist group trying to infiltrate into Israel. Online story revised and edited.
  • April 7, 2006: “A story published on March 31 about an explosion that killed a Palestinian militant wasn’t updated to include additional information about the cause of the blast. Consequently, CBC.ca had a story that incorrectly attributed the killing of a senior Palestinian militant to the Israeli military. The explosion was, in fact, a car bomb later blamed on a rival Palestinian faction.” Correction issued.
  • Jan 21 2006: CBC incorrectly reported that an academic conference took place in Jerusalem, in fact, the conference took place in Herziliya. Online story updated.
  • Jan 3 2006: CBC referenced the Israeli city of ‘Jerusalem’ as ‘Palestine’. Online story updated.
  • Sept 23 2005: Palestinians killed in a rocket explosion at a Hamas rally, not as a result of Israeli air strikes. Updated story issued.
  • Feb 10 2005: A Neil MacDonald column stated the following: “If Palestinians have committed terror, the Israelis have certainly committed war crimes.” After HRC complained the CBC agreed that this statement was “open to the interpretation of bias” and edited this statement online to say the following: “ If Palestinians have committed terror, so the argument goes, the Israelis have certainly committed war crimes.”



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