CBC News Gives Platform To Unproven Allegations About Alleged Israeli Use Of White Phosphorous In Gaza

October 16, 2023

Since Hamas’ establishment more than 30 years ago, the Islamist terrorist group has made no secret of its quest to destroy Israel, and replace it with an Islamic State-style theocracy. For decades, the group has carried out suicide bombings in Israel, killing scores of innocent civilians, as well as firing thousands of rockets into Israeli populated centres, seeking to kill as many Israelis as possible.

And after the group’s October 7 mega terrorist attack in Israel, which killed more Jews than any other day since the Holocaust, Israel’s leadership is now announcing that it is preparing action to effectively neuter Hamas as a potent military force, and has begun air strikes to eliminate Hamas terrorist targets.

In anticipation of Israel’s widely-expected ground assault against Hamas in Gaza, CBC News published an article on October 12 entitled: Israel is using white phosphorus in Gaza, human rights group says,” written by Senior Writer Brishti Basu.

In the article, Basu shared unproven allegations from Human Rights Watch (HRW) claiming that Israel has been using white phosphorous in its actions against Hamas. Human Rights Watch, long known for its one-sided anti-Israel bias, made headlines by falsely accusing the Jewish State of practicing apartheid.

Although white phosphorous is not banned in conflict, its usage is widely condemned, making CBC News’ platforming of the allegation against Israel significant.

Despite the explosive allegation leveled against Israel by Human Rights Watch – and given a platform by CBC News – Basu’s report acknowledged that “CBC News has not independently verified the rights group’s accounts of white phosphorus munitions being used by Israel,” a remarkable admission by our public broadcaster.

According to the article, the Israeli military denied knowledge that white phosphorous was being used in Gaza.

According to CBC’s own Journalistic Standards and Practices, “Our commitment to accuracy and integrity means we try where possible to verify the information with a second source. And there may be times when more than two sources are required.”

And yet in this article, CBC News failed to verify the claim against Israel a single time, yet nevertheless turning an unfounded allegation by an anti-Israel group into an extended accusation against Israel.

Basu’s article, in discussing Israel’s air strikes against Hamas targets, mentioned that they came following Hamas’ massacre of 1,400 innocent Israeli men, women and children on October 7. But despite Basu giving extended coverage to unproven claims against Israel, her description of Hamas’ mass murder was significantly watered down, preferring to describe it simply as a “surprise attack on Saturday in which more than 1,000 Israelis were killed and more than 100 were taken hostage.”

The juxtaposition of parroting unproven allegations and giving them extended coverage while dramatically understating the biggest mass murder of Jews in more than 75 years as a “surprise attack,” is only a partial picture of Basu’s propagation of anti-Israel disinformation.

Troublingly, Basu’s account on X (formerly Twitter) is almost exclusively filled with anti-Israel posts in recent days. On October 15, Basu shared a post from Independent Jewish Voices, a notorious anti-Israel organization, where it falsely and egregiously accusing Israel of committing “genocide” against the Palestinians. In another update from October 12, she shared a post from Al Jazeera, where a commentator was interviewed, challenging “Israel’s misinformation” against Hamas, a group that only five days earlier tortured and murdered countless Israeli civilians, all while filming their horrific crimes, before carrying off more than 100 civilians into the Gaza Strip, where they would be used as human shields.

Click below to see some of Basu’s reposts on her X (Twitter) page

If CBC News wishes to publish a news article covering Israel’s alleged use of white phosphorus in the Gaza Strip, then it is bound by its own journalistic practices to confirm this use, not simply rely on the statements of an organization with a long history of anti-Israel animus. This message we have made in an official complaint sent to the CBC.


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