CBC Interviews Press Freedom Award Winner

November 2, 2006

Cjfe_1Last night, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression honoured Egyptian journalist Abeer Al-Askary with an International Press Freedom Award. This morning CBC‘s The Current broadcast an interview with Askary:

Askary_2 ?Abeer Al-Askary covers politics and the courts for the Egyptian independent weekly, Al-Dustour. And her tireless work exposing everything from prison torture, government corruption, and fraudulent elections– has put her life in constant jeopardy.

Last year, she and other journalists were assaulted by government officials while they covered demonstrations in Egypt. Several of the female journalists in particular were not only physically assaulted, but also sexually harassed–including Abeer Al-Alskary.

Then a year later, she was attacked again after covering a protest in support of judicial reforms–this time narrowly escaping with her life. Abeer Al-Askary was in our Toronto studio."

Click below to hear the interview.



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