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CBC Ignores Israeli Aid Offer For Devastated Beirut

by Mike Fegelman

Hey CBC News, your report today listed many countries (see below) who offered assistance to Lebanon, but you conveniently forgot to mention that Israel offered medical aid and humanitarian assistance to Lebanon following the Beirut blast.

Though Israel is officially at war with Lebanon, it offered to help innocents who were harmed and are suffering.

Here’s what CBC reported:

Among the countries already offering assistance to Lebanon:

    • Britain has offered a 5 million pound ($8.7 million Cdn) aid package including search and rescue help and expert medical support. The Royal Navy’s HMS Enterprise will help assess damage.
    • Iran is sending nine tonnes of food, as well as medicine, medical equipment, medical personnel and a field hospital, according to Iranian media.
    • Iraq is sending a plane with emergency medical aid and fuel aid. Twenty-two tanker trucks carrying 800,000 litres of gas oil arrived on Saturday at the Lebanese border.
    • Norway has pledged 40 tonnes of medical equipment and 25 million Norwegian crowns ($3.73 million Cdn) in financial help.
    • Qatar dispatched the first of four planned flights on Wednesday with medical aid, and will deliver two field hospitals of 500 beds each, with respirators and other medical supplies.
    • The U.S. has pledged more than $17 million US in initial disaster aid for Lebanon, the U.S. Embassy said on Friday.
    • The Canadian government announced Wednesday that it was contributing up to $5 million Cdn in humanitarian aid to Lebanon, including $1.5 million that will be directed to the Lebanese Red Cross to provide emergency medical services, shelter and food.

Why did our public broadcaster omit mentioning that the Jewish state offered aid to an enemy state officially sworn to its destruction. Send your considered comments to CBC directly.

UPDATE: August 10, 2020:

Subsequent to the issuance of our communique and flagging this to the attention of the CBC, we take note that this CBC News article no longer features an extended list of donor countries, it only now states that “The U.S., France, Britain, Canada and Australia, among others, have been clear that it is going directly to trusted local aid groups like the Lebanese Red Cross or UN agencies.”



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