CBC Host Carol Off Tacitly Justifies Palestinian Rock Throwing as Legitimate Resistance

HonestReporting Canada was concerned with a May 12 broadcast on CBC As It Happens, where Anchor Carol Off interviewed Daniel Rahamim, a resident of Nahal Oz which is situated near the Israeli border with Gaza, to talk about recent hostilities. Listen to the full interview below.

While it’s certainly a positive to hear the CBC interviewing an Israeli to get his perspective of what it’s like to live under rocket fire, the interview contained several errors and omissions that should be set straight.

CBC journalist Chris Howden introduced the interview by saying:

The UN is warning that Israelis and Palestinians are heading toward full scale war. Israeli airstrikes on Gaza have continued leveling two apartment towers. According to health officials, 56 Palestinians have now been killed, including 14 children. The barrage of rocket fire from Gaza has killed 6 Israelis.”

Later on in the interview, anchor Carol Off said that Israel knocked down entire apartment complexes. What CBC failed to disclose to CBC listeners is that Israel says these building are Hamas terror infrastructure and were used for terror purposes. As well, Israel warned Palestinians to vacate the area prior to carrying out air strikes. Israel dropped leaflets, sent text messages, made phone calls and used the “roof knocking” warning shots. This essential context wasn’t mention by CBC and it’s of course worth stating that Hamas embeds itself in civilian areas, a bona fide war crime, putting innocents at risk.

As to the casualty counts, while the true make up of civilian vs. combatant casualties is unknown at this point, Israel says that 30+ terrorists have been killed and even Palestinian human rights groups claim that errant Palestinian rockets have killed 8 Palestinians, including 2 children. It’s believed that 1/3 of the over 2,000+ rockets fired at Israel errantly landed within Gaza, killing an unknown number of Palestinians.

Off’s interview continued to a discussion about riots on the Temple Mount where Ms. Off asked Daniel Rahamim: “But if you’re being shot at, is it not a natural response to resist and throw rocks back?” Of course, only the inverse is only true. Israeli police responded to Palestinian rioters who threw stones, Molotov cocktails, firecrackers and more. Off’s depiction of brute Israeli police interrupting innocent Palestinians praying at their place of worship, ignores the premeditated stockpiling of rocks at the Al Aqsa mosque to throw at Israeli police.

Make no mistake, there’s no justification for throwing rocks, many of them concrete slabs and boulders, at Israelis. These are deadly weapons that can kill.

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