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CBC Falsely Claims Israelis Vandalized Obama Posters in Jerusalem

by Mike Fegelman

U.S. President Barack Obama’s current trip to Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan has commanded significant coverage by various Canadian media outlets. Canadian news coverage has been by and large, fair and accurate, with the exception of the following two serious errors CBC News made.

On March 20 at 6:00am (EST), CBC News Network broadcast a tape-talk with anchor Heather Hiscox and Mideast correspondent Derek Stoffel. In introducing this segment, Ms. Hiscox incorrectly stated the following: “Get a load of that video from Jerusalem, you see Obama’s face spray-painted out…

The CBC super stated: “No welcome mat for Obama?: Vandals deface signs along Jerusalem street” and CBC viewers were shown the following image:

To watch this segment please click here or on the image above.

In actuality, these posters were defaced by Palestinians in Ramallah in the West Bank and were not defaced by Israelis in Jerusalem as CBC has falsely reported. The Times of Israel confirms the veracity on this matter showing what appears to be these exact posters existing in Ramallah in the West Bank:

Additionally, at 8:00am also on March 20, CBC News produced an interview with its other Mideast correspondent, Sasa Petricic, who falsely claimed that “… a topic that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has avoided over the last couple of years, he’s avoided negotiations with the Palestinians…”

To watch this segment please click here or on the image above.

There is no foundation for Mr. Petricic’s claim. In reality, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has consistently called for negotiations with the Palestinians without preconditions. In sharp contrast, it is PA leader Mahmoud Abbas who has “avoided negotiations with Israel”.

To claim Israelis vandalized posters of Obama in Jerusalem and to portray Netanyahu as avoiding peace talks with his Palestinian counterpart is to perpetuate bold falsehoods which CBC is obligated to correct.

HonestReporting Canada has called on the CBC to issue swift on-air corrections to remedy the misinformation it broadcast. We encourage you to do the same by asking CBC Editor-in-Chief Jennifer McGuire to set the record straight by issuing prompt on-air corrections.

Please send polite letters to Ms. McGuire at: Jennifer.McGuire@CBC.CA.



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Anonymous March 24, 2013 - 2:26 am

I have just mailed the following to Jennifer McGuire.


Dear Ms. McGuire,

I am an academic and writer with a longstanding interest in the Middle East (I used to lecture on Arabic and Islam in a British university). Over the years I have grown deeply concerned about the number of small and major inaccuracies that are perpetuated about Israel, and I am currently writing a book on the subject./ I have just been alerted to two statements made on CBC News that deserve correction on your part. One is the falsehood that Israelis have vandalized posters of Barrack Obama, when, in fact, this has been done by West Bank Palestinians. It is a fact that Israelis, with misgivings, welcomed the President to their country, and that Palestinians jeered at and threatened him while he was in Israel. The second statement that requires correction is Saca Petricic’s assertion that Binyamin Netanyahu has refused to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority, when the truth is that it is the other way round. Palestinian refusal to negotiate with Israel dates back to the 1967 Khartoum Declaration of the Arab League, which declares ‘No negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel, and no peace with Israel’. These sentiments are enshrined in the 1988 Hamas Charter, the Hizbullah Risala maftuha, and the PLO Covenant, al-Mithaq. Will you please consider using better trained and qualified journalists to report on such stories. It is an insult to a professional like myself to see clear information distorted to such a degree and top realize that it is always Israel that is the target of false statements, when the Arabs and Iran are seldom criticized at all.

I have confidence in your reputation as a news provider, and I do not doubt that you will take steps to correct these errors and to prevent similar mis-statements occurring in future.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Denis MacEoin



Anonymous March 24, 2013 - 3:16 am

Thank you Dr. McEoin, for this outstanding email. I hope you have better luck getting a positive response from Ms. McGuire than I did when I complained about Saca Petricic’s biased reporting on the recent Gaza war.

1389AD March 24, 2013 - 2:49 am

Typical Muslim false-flag op.

Mickey Oberman March 24, 2013 - 7:33 am

The CBC with it persistent lies seems to be carrying on a perpetual vendetta to destroy Israel.
It tells the most outrageous and damaging lies and after the damage is done might issue a “correction” that is almost guaranteed not to be seen by most of those to whom it was originally broadcast.
We know that the CBC receives 1.2 billion dollars annually of Canadian taxpayers money from our government.
I wonder how much it receives from “other” governments.

Anonymous March 24, 2013 - 2:16 pm

Pity. I thought it was right-thinking Israelis who defaced the giant posters of the new face of authoritarianism. My estimation of Israelis shot sky high. Oh well. But seriously, there are defacements of these posters world wide. It’s the misattribution of meaning that the CBC is so often guilty of. Beneath the hatred of the Jew lies the Law which Christianity is unable to shake. The heart is no ruler, it can not rule, it can not measure. This is what underlies anti-Semitism. Anti-Zionism is only one extension of anti-Semitism. The CBC will never get this right. It’s in the blood.

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Anonymous March 26, 2013 - 3:15 pm

The big question: why is anyone surprised? Its the CBC, with its history of negative and selective reporting regarding anything related to Israel. Even a former president of the CBC now works for an Arab “news” service.

Years ago I wrote to several top ranking officials at the CBC, including Burman, regarding a story about Israel and water. Lopsided, no government reply, and a conclusion that “Israelis use water like Europeans.” What the hell did that mean? Regardless, my complaints were generally ignored, including to the Ombudsman at the CBC. It took me complaining to the Heritage Minister before I received any response. The response? A joke. Burman didn’t even review the matter – it was reviewed for him by an underling. If he did a review, it surely wasn’t what was broadcast. That answer took almost a year (I wrote to six officials). My reply to that farce of a response remains unanswered.

The lead reporter the CBC, Neil MacDonald, in Israel tried, on several occasions, to embarrass Israeli officials by having boycotts of state parties, state functions, state addresses. He actively tried to influence the news. And the news reported seems to make Israel the bad-guy. Though people called for his being pulled from that assignment, he wasn’t. Eventually, he became the CBC’s man in Washington, and whenever I saw him reporting, he would tie major negative stories to Israel. Proof?

The CBC does as it wishes, how it wishes, and pushes its own political bias. Its unfortunate that we spend 2.2 billion dollars annually to finance the CBC. Needless to say, that bloated organisation, which refuses Access to Information requests under the guise of artistic and work concerns (how much the CBC spends on cars, trucks, et cetera are secret!) shows that it is an organisation of self-entitlement. When the present president of the CBC claims that only a judge, and not the Access to Information Act can make him provide information, and when a judge so orders, expect almost completely redacted documents.

I once watched only CBC news. Now, it pains me even to land on that station.

With biased “journalism”, publishing articles that are already known as Paliwood, the strange and mystic Dr. Suziki leading the Politically Correct charge (while violating CBC’s own rules of conduct at will), and with such mind-numbing crap (rare is a good show, and by now, who cares) for entertainment, its well past time for its purse strings to be cut and face the real world. With cable services and programming, the need for the CBC no longer exists.

SINAIPOST March 27, 2013 - 11:22 am

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Edge March 28, 2013 - 5:56 pm

CBC is suggesting that they would like Israel and Jerusalem’s borders expanded. We should thank CBC for their foresight.


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