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CBC Discovers "Terror"

by Mike Fegelman

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, known for its avoidance of the word "terror" in news programming, has plastered the word across Canadian TV screens all morning.


Click here to watch HonestReporting Canada’s grainy home video of a CBC anchor using the dreaded T-word.

The term also appears on CBC’s Web site:


We’re confused. If the national broadcaster has decided it’s best not to use the word, then why is it using the word selectively?

To leave a message on CBC’s feedback page, click here, or contact CBC Audience Relations at: 1-866-306-4636.

UPDATE: Evidently CBC reads our blog, because shortly after our posting, they changed "Alleged Terror Plot" to "Alleged Airline Plot":


This would not be the first time that CBC dropped the T-word after we exposed it. This before-and-after image is from Honestreporting Canada’s July 15, 2005 action alert (click image to enlarge).




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