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CBC Debuts "On The Map" With Avi Lewis

by Mike Fegelman

Avi_lewis Dubbed "an international affairs analysis program" CBC Newsworld debuted "On the Map" with host Avi Lewis

According to the show: "The first week will also go to the Middle East, and take a substantial and critical view of events in Iraq, Israel, and the Gaza Strip."

On yesterday’s program the show took a look at borders around the world. The show presented footage of the concrete section of the Israeli security barrier (which although not stated is 95% fence and 5% wall) and Lewis then said in a voice over:

"An Israeli company that made its name on this wall, the one that redraws one of the world?s most contentious borders. And walls beget walls; beget walls, that barrier inspired these six ton concrete slabs fencing in rebellious neighbourhoods in Baghdad.?

Although this statement was brief and came with a short photo montage of the barrier, no context was given to explain the raison d’etre for the security barrier, namely that it was designed to prevent Palestinian terrorists from infiltrating into nascent Israel.

If the aim of the show was to provide a critical view on Israel, yesterday’s program certainly achieved those objectives.  However criticism requires balance and context and not just a one-sided perspective.

This isn’t the first time we’ve alerted you to one of Lewis’s programs, but rest assured, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on the program.

On today’s show, the "Gaza economy goes underground" and will feature an "independent documentary with unprecedented access to the tunnel trade."  The show goes to Gaza and speaks with one of the filmmakers and hears why the Israeli government wants the tunnels closed.

To watch the program, tune in to CBC Newsworld tonight at 7:30 pm ET & 11:30 pm PT.



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