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CBC.ca Publishes Correction After HRC Prompting

by Mike Fegelman

CBC.ca erroneously reported yesterday that ?Lebanon has had a tense relationship with Israel ? brought to the fore in 2006, when war broke out between the two neighbours.?.

Contrary to this statement, Israel never went to war with the Lebanese government, the country, or their army during the 34-day war. Instead, Israel ONLY fought the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah to a bloody standstill. To say that Israel had gone to war with Lebanon erroneously implied that two sovereign countries had actually issued declarations of war and had then gone to war, whereas in fact, there were no such decrees or clashes between the Israeli and Lebanese armies.

After HonestReporting Canada brought this error to the attention of CBC.ca editors, the following correction was promptly issued:

CBC.ca correction



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