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CBC.ca Issues Correction After HRC Intervention

by Mike Fegelman

An April 3rd article on CBC.ca entitled ?UN judge to investigate alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza? erroneously stated the following in the headline and the lead paragraph:

CBC.ca error

Contrary to this statement, South African judge Richard Goldstone will lead a broadened human rights probe into violence during Israel's military offensive in the Gaza Strip. UN Human Rights Council president Martin Uhomoibhi said the fact-finding mission would deal "with all violations," not only those Israel has been accused of during its military incursion in the Palestinian territory three months ago. The fact-finding mission is said to be reviewing the conduct of both sides "before, during and after" the Israeli offensive in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip from Dec. 27 to Jan. 18, where possible Palestinian violations in southern Israel will also be assessed.

The veracity of this information is confirmed in the following reports: AFP, Jerusalem Post, and Reuters.

For the CBC to imply in the headline and lead paragraph that the investigation would only focus on ?alleged Israeli war crimes? and not just simply ?war crimes in Gaza? is a serious error that deserved to be rectified. The AFP and Reuters articles referenced above were careful not to lay blame in this regard through their unequivocal headlines which respectively stated: ?South Africa judge to lead UN's Gaza rights probe? and ?UN probe to examine alleged Gaza war crimes.?

After HonestReporting Canada brought this information to the attention of CBC editors, the following correction was published on the CBC.ca website on April 9th:  

CBC.ca correction



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