CBC Apologizes to JDL for Calling it a Terror Organization

August 2, 2011

Charles Adler at Sun News Network opined yesterday on a recent apology CBC TV gave after their security correspondent, Bill Gillespie, falsely claimed that the Jewish Defence League of Canada was a listed terror organization in Canada. Click here to view this segment.

Here is the CBC’s apology:

As many of our subscribers are aware, we’re all for news organizations calling terror by its rightful name, but only when those organizations are actually listed terror groups in the Canada Gazette.

It’s a shame that CBC doesn’t apply the t-word and its variants to Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, etc., as this editorial decision only serves to appease terror by labelling these groups that intentionally target civilians for political purposes as "militants".

(Hat-Tip: Blazing Cat Fur)


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