CBC Accepts Claim Israel Caused Gaza Beach Deaths

July 13, 2006

ThecurrentThis morning on CBC‘s The Current, host Maureen Taylor interviewed two guests about the situation in Israel/Gaza/Lebanon: David Weinberg, director of the Canada-Israel Committee‘s Israel office, and Elia Zureik, a professor emeritus of sociology at Queen’s University.

We were surprised when Taylor didn’t challenge this claim by Zureik:

"Maureen, if you recall before this latest salvo of rockets, which are inefficient by any standards, the Israelis wiped out an entire family on the beach, a Palestinian family on the Gaza beach. That to a very large extent triggered the reaction of these militants to lob the Qassam rockets into southern Israel." (Listen here.)

As we’ve noted before, an Israeli investigation produced evidence that Israel was not responsible for the Gaza beach tragedy. Yet the CBC host allowed her guest to blame Israel for the deaths — and the ensuing confrontations with Gaza and Lebanon — without clarifying the facts for her listeners.

Listen to both interviews here.

In related news, the CBC.ca Web team coined a new term for people from Lebanon:



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