Watch Now: Against All Odds: Forging Peace In The Middle East – The Inside Story Of The Abraham Accords With Former Amb. David Friedman

On October 20, HonestReporting Canada launched our Annual Campaign by proudly hosting former US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, for a thought-provoking and incisive conversation about how against all odds, peace was brokered in the Middle East thanks to the Abraham Accords. In our Insider Briefing webinar, Ambassador Friedman shared the remarkable behind-the-scenes story of […]

Hollywood and the Jews: An Urgent Insider Briefing with Noa Tishby

Noa Tishby is on the front lines in the battle of ideas on social media. Regarded as one of the leading voices combating rising online hatred targeting Israelis and Jews, Tishby is the author of the best-selling book Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth and is viewed as Israel’s unofficial […]

HRC Insider Briefing Webinar: Debunking “Israeli Apartheid”

In the wake of a recent Human Rights Watch (HRW) report accusing Israel of “apartheid,” an unfounded allegation that received flattering coverage by the Canadian and mainstream media, HonestReporting Canada has undertaken a concerted effort to debunk this libel as part of our Insider Briefing webinar series. On Sunday May 30 at 1pm ET, join […]

HRC Webinar: Biden and The Pursuit of Mideast Peace

HonestReporting Canada was thrilled to have acclaimed journalist and best-selling author, Yossi Klein-Halevi, as our keynote speaker for our Insider Briefing webinar on January 17. Watch our fascinating discussion to learn about the prospects for comprehensive peace in the Middle East under the Biden administration. Will Israel’s detente with the Arab world continue and expand […]