Despite HRC’s Exposing Meshwar’s Antisemitism, Holocaust Denial & Glorification of Terrorism, Editor Nazih Khatatba Invited To Event On Parliament Hill Attended by Parliamentarians

On November 29, The Canada-Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Group, which is chaired by Liberal MP Salma Zahid, hosted an event on Parliament Hill in conjunction with the “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People”. Canadian parliamentarians who were in attendance included: NDP MP’s Niki Ashton, Blake Desjarlais, Lindsay Mathyssen and Matthew Green; Green Leader and […]

Israel Is An Imperfect Country, But A Vibrant Liberal Democracy: HRC Op-Ed In Hill Times

Esther Enkin and Ben Murane of the New Israel Fund of Canada attempt to portray the newly elected Israeli government as extremist and no longer representative of Canada’s shared values with Israel, but in truth, the statements cited by the authors are largely out of context and not representative of Israel’s actual policies, neutering their […]

McGill Tribune Publishes Retraction of Anti-Israel Group’s Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory

On November 11, HonestReporting Canada issued an alert about how the McGill Tribune had given a platform to an anti-Israel group on campus to spew the baseless antisemitic theory that “Zionist donors” control McGill University. The Tribune’s November 8 article covered a supposed controversy that had erupted since late October, when the McGill Institute for […]

HRC Prompts Canadian Government To Review Its Funding Anti-Israel Publications $30,000 In Grants; Outcry Raised In House Of Commons

In an exclusive report on November 2, HonestReporting Canada (HRC) revealed that the federal government had awarded nearly $30,000 in grants to two anti-Israel publications, who in our view had engaged in antisemitism. The alert, which was based on data compiled from a 2021 report from Canadaland entitled “Which Media Benefitted from The Trudeau Government’s […]