Iran’s Spreading its Terrorist Tentacles Not For Self Defense Purposes

Iran’s spreading its tentacles throughout the Middle East is not for self-defense purposes as Dennis Horak, former Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia, asserts in a column published in the Toronto Star on November 10. Iran’s hegemonic and expansionist efforts have seen it arm and finance Hezbollah, effectively taking Lebanon hostage with its 150,000 rockets. Tehran […]

CBC Fails to Substantiate Claim that IDF Sniper Shot and Paralyzed Palestinian Woman

On September 26, HonestReporting Canada (HRC) asked CBC News to substantiate a claim they aired by a Palestinian “militant” who said that an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) sniper shot and paralyzed his sister. CBC As It Happens flagship radio program broadcast an interview on September 25 entitled: “Exhibit invites Israelis to visit a Palestinian home — through […]

Earth to Toronto Star: Palestinian “Protests” Are Really Just Violent Terror Riots

Don’t trust everything you read in the newspaper. Despite what our media have been reporting, what’s been taking place for close to a year now along the fence that divides the Gaza-Israel border, are violent terror riots, not peaceful protests. Organized, incited and financed by Hamas, Palestinians armed with assault rifles, IED’s, grenades, arson balloons […]