Global News Apologizes for Wrongly Claiming that “Palestine” is a “Sovereign State”

In the November 18 broadcast of Global News BC, Global’s anchor erroneously claimed on-air that “Palestine” is a “sovereign state”: The Trump administration is threatening to close the Palestinian office in Washington unless the sovereign state enters some serious peace talks with Israel. An obscure U.S. law says the office must close if Palestine calls for Israelis to be prosecuted for crimes against their […]

HRC Prompts Major Globe and Mail Correction on Trump’s Jerusalem Policy

On December 8, the Globe and Mail published a prominent article by reporter Steven Chase headlined “Canada firm on ‘two-state solution despite U.S. shift” where Mr. Chase erroneously wrote: The Trump measure reverses a long-held U.S. policy that Jerusalem’s status must be worked out through bilateral negotiations between Israelis and the Palestinians, who want East Jerusalem […]

UPDATED: The Toronto Star Allows False “Facts” on Jerusalem

UPDATED: December 16, 2017: Following the release of this alert, the Toronto Star prominently published the following five letters which explained that there is “No apartheid in Israel”. The original alert can be found appended below. The published letters are as follows: “This column by Tony Burman is full of extreme and unsustainable accusations. There is no “apartheid” in Israel. Arab citizens comprise […]

Corus Radio Fires AM640 Host Citing Complaints of Anti-Semitic Content

As reported recently by the Toronto Star, Corus Radio has fired AM640 late-night host Gary Bell citing his broadcasting anti-Semitic content. Bell, also known as “Spaceman”, was the host of “A View From Space,” which the Star notes was “popular amongst conspiracy theorists.” On November 11, Bell made anti-Semitic comments which Corus deemed “egregious” and which […]

After Airing Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorist, Winnipeg Radio Station Apologizes

A University of Winnipeg radio station has apologized for giving a platform to conspracy theorist Sydney White who claimed that Israelis gassed and cremated the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks and that American-Jewish businessman Larry Silverstein, who leased the World Trade Centre, profited “billions” from the massacre. As reported by City News, White was […]