UPDATED: Maclean's Photo Essay Is Pure Palestinian Propaganda

UPDATE: November 17, 2016: Following the issuance of HRC’s media action alert on November 7 which called on our subscribers to condemn a Maclean’s Magazine photo essay for giving a platform to Palestinian propaganda, in the November 28 edition, the following letter by HRC subscriber David Sherman was published which took Maclean’s to task:   […]

Canada Must Articulate Case for Renewing Diplomatic Relations With Iran

In the National Post today, HonestReporting Canada Executive Director Mike Fegelman asserts that “While Hoodfar’s release is a very welcome development and Trudeau and the Canadian government certainly deserve praise for their efforts that led to her freedom, the question that must be asked by Canadian investigative journalists (and the public at large) is why […]

Hamas Isn’t a “Resistance” Movement

Writing in the Globe and Mail on August 24, former Mideast bureau chief Patrick Martin penned a news article entitled “Israel’s new Gaza tactic is playing with fire” which was replete with anti-Israel bias and which saw this journalist’s opinion disguised as news. Within hours of this report being published, HonestReporting Canada filed a complaint […]