HRC Commentary in National Post: With Friends Like Jordan, Israel Doesn’t Need Enemies

In an HRC commentary published in the National Post today, HRC points out that the tensions that Jordan has exacerbated with Israel have only served to undermine its long-standing peace treaty with the Jewish state. Read it in full immediately below or by clicking here. National Post: Mike Fegelman: “With Friends Like Jordan, Israel doesn’t […]

Palestinian Unilateralism is Latest Manifestation of Palestinian Rejectionism

In the unyielding quest towards reaching a final resolution to the impasse between Palestinians and Israelis, it’s widely understood that the path to Mideast peace must see an independent, democratic, and demilitarized Palestinian state exist alongside Israel, recognized as the Jewish state and with ironclad security guarantees that produce secure and recognized borders. The two-state […]

CBC Concealed Knife Attack Against Israeli Police Officer

On November 18, CBC National broadcast a report by its Mideast Bureau Chief Derek Stoffel that focused on the recent terror attack at a Jerusalem synagogue that saw five Israelis murdered by Palestinian terrorists. We were alarmed by one segment in this report which saw Mr. Stoffel state the following: “Six other Israelis have been […]

HRC Files Complaint with CTV National News

On November 20, HRC sent the following complaint to CTV President Wendy Freeman and David Hughes, Executive Producer of CTV National News, in regards to problematic coverage it aired of the recent terror attack in Jerusalem. Please find our complaint immediately below, followed by CTV’s reply which can also be read by clicking here. Dear […]