In a La Presse Commentary, HRC Sets the Record Straight on the Begin-Prawer Plan

French version follows English: A narrative of “confiscation” and “forced exile” characterized a November 30 article in La Presse on the cancellation of Israel’s Bedouin settlement  proposal. Unfortunately, while it excelled in rhetoric, this article failed to adequately convey the objectives of the Begin Prawer plan. HRC contacted La Presse with a request to set […]

HRC Prompts CTV Apology After Network Falsely Claimed Israel Killed Two Lebanese Soldiers

At several times on December 16 and 17, CTV News erroneously claimed that Israel’s armed forces killed two Lebanese soldiers in an exchange of fire. To be specific, CTV wrongly asserted the following: “Tensions are high along Israel’s border with Lebanon today after separate exchanges of fire left three soldiers dead. Late Sunday an Israeli […]

Radio-Canada Modifies Report After HRC Complaint; AFP Misleads Viewership

French version follows English: The purported refusal of a blood donation from an Ethiopian-Israeli set off a series of new reports in the mainstream media last week. Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s blood bank service, confirmed that it does reject blood from people born in, or who have who lived in, some sub-Saharan and Caribbean […]

HRC Op-Ed in Le Nouvelliste Rebuts Guest Editorial

French version follows English: In the Trois-Rivières daily Le Nouvelliste, HRC Quebec Director Michelle Whiteman rebutted a November 30 guest editorial by far-left group “Le Comité de solidarité” which distorted history with inaccurate maps and a false accounting of history. Read HRC’s op-ed published on December 9 immediately below with a French translation that follows: […]

HRC Prompts Amendment Acknowledging Israel Denies Assassinating Hezbollah Operative

It’s an all too common occurrence that when a terrorist is killed in the Middle East, whether in an extra-judicial killing, a “work accident” in the form of a munition that prematurely explodes, or even of natural causes; Israel is blamed and the mainstream media then take great pains to headline baseless allegations while failing to acknowledge […]

CBC The Current Whitewashes Hamas

On the morning of November 28, CBC Radio’s The Current aired an interview with Hamas’ first female spokesperson, Isra Al Mudallal, that we regard as being a whitewewash of this outlawed terrorist organization. You can listen to this interview in full by clicking here or on the image below: You’d think that a lengthy interview ostensibly on affirmative action and women […]