Action Alert: Anti-Semitic Cartoons Published in Toronto Arabic Newspaper

A Toronto-area Arabic newspaper called Meshwar recently on November 30 published an anti-Semitic cartoon depicting Israelis eating Palestinian children and drinking their blood. Other cartoons caricatured the stereotypical trope of hook-nosed, menacing Jews. According to Shalom Toronto’s Jonathan Halevi (see full article below), Meshwar expressed support for outlawed Palestinian terrorist organizations like Hamas and called […]

Top 10 Quebec Media Fails of Israel-Hamas War

Top 10 Quebec Media Fails of Israel-Hamas War See French version below English A Quebec columnist recently observed that Israel cannot win the battle of images. But with more than 1,600 rockets having bombarded Israel this past year, there are many compelling images to capture in Israel: Images of rockets exploding on kindergartens; of the […]

Top 10 Canadian Media Fails of Israel-Hamas War

CBC National Airs Staged Pallywood Footage The footage of a beige jacketed Palestinian man making a miraculous recovery after appearing to be injured in an Israeli airstrike was broadcast not only on the BBC, and CNN, but also CBC’s flagship program the National on November 14 and SRC (CBC-French). exposed this faked injury described […]