Haroon Siddiqui Crosses the Line (September 7, 2005)

Haroon Siddiqui Crosses the Line September 7, 2005 Dear HonestReporting Canada subscriber: As one of the year’s biggest media events, Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza and four West Bank settlements provided an opportunity to observe how the Canadian media approach a complicated news story. The Toronto Star presented an overall balanced view of the “disengagement.” Middle […]

Making a Difference, With Your Help (August 16, 2005)

Making a Difference, With Your Help August 16, 2005 Dear HonestReporting Canada subscriber: The first half of 2005 was a time of huge growth for HonestReporting Canada. From leading a popular new workshop on how to identify and root out media bias, to confronting journalists who produce unfair and inaccurate news reports, HonestReporting Canada was […]

Radio – Canada: Immigrants to Israel are settlers (July 15 2005)

Radio-Canada: Immigrants to Israel are “Settlers” July 15, 2005 Dear HonestReporting Canada subscriber: Many Canadian news organizations reported on this week’s immigration of Canadian Jews to begin new lives in Israel. Radio-Canada, the French side of Canada’s national broadcaster CBC/Radio-Canada, covered the story in its TV news program, Le Telejournal, on July 12. But unlike […]

The Power of Words (July 14 2005)

THE POWER OF WORDS July 14, 2005 “Words are sacred things. They are also like hand grenades. Handled casually, they tend to go off.”    — Mary Cunningham, Newsweek Dear HonestReporting Canada subscriber: At its core, journalism is about using words and images to convey meaning. But words must be handled with care: a single word […]

In Good Faith (June 28 2005)

  IN GOOD FAITH   June 28, 2005   Dear HonestReporting Canada Subscriber:   When news organizations provide false information, the remedy depends on how severely the public was misled, and whether the falsehood was spread through good faith error or intentional deception. In recent years, news media have taken steps ranging from printing a […]

Announcing the Winners of the 2004 "Dishonest Reporting Canada" Award (June 17 2005)

ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS OF THE 2004 “DISHONEST REPORTING CANADA” AWARD JUNE 17, 2005 In its first annual recognition of the most unfair and inaccurate reporting on Israel and the Middle East, HonestReporting Canada (regretfully) announces the runners-up and the first-prize winner for the 2004 DishonestReporting Canada Award. HonestReporting Canada thanks its subscribers for nominating their […]