HRC / AVI Campus Media Fellow Published In The National Post: At Concordia, I Watched As Administrators Sat Back And Allowed Hate To Fester

On June 11, 2024, one of our Campus Media Fellows, Ora Bar, was published in The National Post, about her experience as a student at Concordia University. She witnessed first-hand how anti-Jewish ideology was normalized by weak university leaders, inept professors, and biased student media. This normalization of anti-Jewish rhetoric must stop. It’s high time we […]

Globe & Mail Columnist Tacitly Demands Israel Surrender To Hamas

Mairav Zonszein’s June 3 opinion column in The Globe and Mail entitled: “Netanyahu’s hubris in Rafah is being fed by enablers at home and abroad,” is just the latest commentary in the Canadian news media by a supposedly thoughtful analyst on the Hamas-Israel war, but which does nothing more than ask puerile questions and offers […]

Hamilton Spectator Columnists Exploits Indigenous Narratives To Push Their Anti-Israel Agenda

On May 30, The Hamilton Spectator published an op-ed written by three McMaster University professors and members of “Faculty for Palestine McMaster” – Wael El-Dakhakhni, Yaser Haddara and Ameil Joseph, wherein the authors described the McMaster student encampment as “beautiful” and evidence of “a brighter world”. It would be hard to imagine a piece of […]

Meet Briarpatch Magazine, Taxpayer-Funded Glorifier Of Palestinian Terrorism

Briarpatch is a magazine based in Regina, Saskatchewan which purports to offer “original reporting, insight, and analysis from a grassroots perspective,” and which acknowledges federal government financial support as part of the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF). It is also a vehemently anti-Israel publication which has demonstrated a relentless fixation on demonizing Israel. In 2023, it […]

Toronto Star’s Shree Paradkar Selectively Hides Details From Readers As She Disingenuously Uses Sensationalist Imagery To Evoke Emotions

In her June 2 opinion column entitled: “Ottawa’s waffling on Gaza makes commitment to human rights look shaky,” Shree Paradkar, the “social and justice columnist” at The Toronto Star, bewailed what she believes is the lack of “Canada’s commitment to an international human rights system.” Of course, Paradkar was not speaking about genocide and famine […]