Prominent Anti-Israel Activists & Arabic-Language Newspaper Call For Israel’s Destruction & Engage In Antisemitism

Some of Canada’s most prominent anti-Israel activists are once again using traditional news and social media platforms to disseminate their hatred. Firas al-Najim, the leader of a group called Canadian Defenders 4 Human Rights, and who has been the subject of multiple HonestReporting Canada alerts chronicling his antisemitic and anti-Israel disinformation, has posted a number […]

Hill Times Column Misrepresents Facts To Falsely Claim Canadians Accept Anti-Israel Claims

In his September 6 opinion column in The Hill Times, “Canadians recognize what their leaders won’t: Israel practices apartheid,” Thomas Woodley trumpeted the results of a poll commissioned by his anti-Israel organization, Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME), which purports that roughly one-quarter of Canadians allegedly believe Israel practices “apartheid”. In […]

Mahmoud Abbas Spreads Vile Antisemitism: Canadian Media Must Condemn

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is facing widespread criticism from global leaders after explicitly antisemitic remarks he made in August were recently translated and released. Abbas’ comments, which were made during a speech at the Fatah Revolutionary Council and were translated by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), claimed that Adolf Hitler’s Nazis and their allies […]

Success! Associated Press, The Toronto Star, CTV News & National Post Amend Headlines After Failing To Identify Dead Palestinian As A Terrorist Gunman

On September 5, 2023, The Toronto Star, The National Post, and CTV News published an Associated Press (AP) article whose headline failed to properly identify a Palestinian killed by IDF soldiers during a counter-terror raid in Judea and Samaria (known in media parlance as the “west bank”), as a gunman and a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad […]

Upcoming Muslim Association Of Canada Conference Features More Speakers With History Of Anti-Israel And Antisemitic Comments

On August 24, HonestReporting Canada published an important alert informing the news media and the general public, about statements seen as antisemitic by one featured speaker, Sheikh Nashaat Ahmed, at the upcoming Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) annual conference, scheduled for early September in downtown Toronto. Subsequent to our alert and complaint sent to MAC, Sheikh Ahmed is no […]