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Cartoon Worth More Than A Thousand Words

by Mike Fegelman

On October 26, we flagged an Edmonton Journal Editorial cartoon entitled “Peace dismantled to build Israeli Settlements” depicting an Israeli “settler” taking apart a wooden peace sign and using it to build a “settlement home” in the disputed territories. The cartoon’s message: Jewish settlements are the obstacle to peace in the Middle-East.

HRC letter-writer Steven Shafir responded to this vile piece of anti-Israel propaganda by asking Edmonton Journal Editors if they would consider running a counter-cartoon showing the peace sign being dismantled by Palestinian terrorists and used to build suicide bombs. 
Read today’s letter of the day by Steven Shafir: “Mayes cartoon worth more than a thousand words”
Read other excellent letters taking cartoonist Malcolm Mayes to task: Batya Friedman, Alison Mazoff
Read the inevitable congratulatory letters praising Mayes for his “boldness”: Buff Parry, Abdul N. Kamal   



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