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Canadian/Arab Editorial Cartoons on Gaza Crisis

by Mike Fegelman

This Victoria Times Colonist‘s editorial cartoon portrays regular Palestinians asking: "Who do you think represnts us best?" next to armed men from Fatah and Hamas:


The Globe and Mail’s editorial cartoon weights in on Gaza: the ticking bomb:


The Arab media on the other hand have sought it fit to use their cartoons to blame Israel for the Gaza fighting.

According to Ynet News: "Cartoons and caricatures in the recent Arab press depict Jews in stereotypical fashion, as manipulative and conspiratorial and with hooked noses, long beards and black hats."

One cartoon from Al-Watan in Qatar shows Israel, in the form of an orthodox Jew, laughing out loud as he reads a newspaper headline declaring ?The Palestinian Struggle."


Another from Ar-Raya in Qatar shows the Jew as the winner standing on a podium with both Fatah and Hamas dead in second and third place.


A third from the Akhbar al-Khalij in Bahrain shows an American arm using an Israeli hammer to strike the head of a Palestinian, splitting it into two.




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