Canadian Views about Israel

October 23, 2009

Here’s a varied sampling of opinion pieces about Israel published in various Canadian newspapers within the past day:

Globe and Mail: Shira Herzog (op-ed): "Obama’s good intentions run into Mideast reality"

Choice quote: “Nowhere is the gap between expectations and reality hitting Barack Obama harder than in dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Good intentions and the obvious American desire to promote a deal seem to have quickly crashed on the shoals of a reality that has confounded past mediators. It’s no wonder that, in the region and outside, observers are questioning whether the two-state formula is still viable.” 

National Post: Steven Edwards (op-ed): "The two faces of Human Rights watch"

Choice quote: “Now let me get this straight: HRW is urging that Hamas, whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel through jihadist “holy war,” should find and punish Palestinian fighters for killing Israeli civilians? That’s about as likely to happen as hearing that a Palestinian Kassam rocket actually hit one of its ostensible “military” targets. The organization exists to wipe the region clear of all Jews — uniformed and civilian. That’s what Hamas means when it says it is resisting the “occupier”, even though Israel dismantled its Gaza settlements in 2005.”

Toronto Star: Staff Editorial: "Looking back at Gaza"

Choice quote: “It has taken six weeks. But a healthy debate has finally begun in Israel over how to respond to a damning United Nations report that accuses the military of war crimes in Gaza last winter…His findings (Goldstone report) can’t be shrugged off as "propaganda and bias," as the Israeli government first tried to do or as "political, imbalanced (in Israel’s favour) and dishonest," as Hamas initially claimed. Both sides need to respond with credible, transparent inquiries.”


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