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Canadian News & Views About Israel/Mideast

by Mike Fegelman

National Post: Steven Edwards: "Canada attacks Iran’s record on human rights" –

National Post: Staff Editorial: "Of Tehran & Toronto" –

National Post: Vanessa Farquharson: "Amreeka: When home isn’t a place, it’s people" –

Toronto Star: Linda Barnard: "Amereeka: Nisreen Faour charming as Palestinian coping with America" –

Montreal Gazette: John Griffin: "Amreeka’s two cultures carry a message of hope" –

Winnipeg Sun: Liz Braun: "Coming to Amreeka" –

CBC.ca: "Review: Amreeka" –

CTV.ca: "A Palestinian immigrant wins hearts in ‘Amreeka’" –

CBC.ca: "Iranian-Canadian blogger’s family pleads for help" –



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