Canadian Media Wrongly Give Disgraced Terror Apologist Mohammed Elmasry a Platform

August 13, 2018
Mohammed Elmasry

Mohammed Elmasry is in no position to opine about human rights as he did in the Globe and Mail on August 9 and the Waterloo Record on August 11 (see his letters below)

In 2004, as president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, Elmasry appeared on “The Michael Coren Show” and said that all Israeli citizens over the age of 18 are legitimate targets for suicide bombers and other attacks by the Palestinian ”resistance.”

His remarks drew outrage from Jewish and Muslim organizations alike. Elmasry believed that because all Israeli men and women must serve in the country’s army, that they’re fair targets for suicide bombings.

Elmasry’s employer, the University of Waterloo, had at the time issued a statement calling his comments “unacceptable” and “abhorrent”.

Importantly, Elmasry is a disgraced terror apologist who should not be given a platform.


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