Canadian FM: Iran has 2-3 months to Prove it's Resolving Nuclear Crisis

June 26, 2013

In an interview with the Times of Israel, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird warned Iran that it has only two to three months to prove to the West that it seeks a negotiated resolution to the crisis over its rogue nuclear program. Baird said the diplomatic process is “is nearing the end, and should have been nearing the end in my judgement. If Iran wants to seek out concrete, meaningful solutions to this, they have the opportunity to demonstrate to the world in the coming weeks that they’ll do that… And you have someone [in Rouhani, a former Iranian nuclear negotiator] who doesn’t need to have any time to read up on the files. This person does not need any time to be briefed up.”

Minister Baird touched on several topics during the interview, including his coffee date in East Jerusalem, seen by many in the media as a provocation, the peace process as well as Canada’s stance on the diplomatic process with Iran. On the coffee date in east Jerusalem, Baird stated: “I’ll go with any peace-loving person who wants to talk about peace, I’ll meet them anywhere to discuss that. I think we’ve got to move beyond these petty issues.” He added that “as long as we’re debating a Canadian minister having coffee on this side of the street or that side of the street… we’re not going to move forward. And we’ve got to stop this pettiness, in my judgment. On both sides.”

For some media, however, that might require “baby steps”. Read the full interview by clicking here.


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