Canadian Editorials Comment On Winograd Report

Choice quotes from Canadian dailies in their staff editorials about the Winograd report:

The Globe and Mail calls "Olmert to account" and makes this bold comparison: ?In many ways, Mr. Olmert’s disastrous conduct of the war is reminiscent of the Bush administration’s ineptitude in Iraq.?

The National Post tries to take "Lessons from Lebanon" and recommends that the Israeli government "quickly apply the commission’s conclusions and prepare for the coming conflict.?

The Toronto Star labels the report a "Harsh verdict" and Olmert a "hasty and imprudent Prime Minister".  In closing the Star recommends: "Beyond its domestic impact, Winograd’s findings should be required reading for those, including some in U.S. President George Bush’s administration, who cling to the view that Israel’s leaders can do no wrong. The panel explodes that notion."

The Chronicle Herald says that ?In the short term, however, Mr. Olmert will likely try to grimly hang on, backed by a coalition that?s not at all eager for new elections.?


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