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Canadian Arab Newspaper Claims US & "Zionist-Masonic" Movement Behind ISIS

by Mike Fegelman

Courtesty of Jonathan Halevi at The Rebel:

The Toronto-based Arab newspaper Meshwar published an article (Issue 133, June 26, 2015, P.21) suggesting that the US and the “Zionist-Masonic movement” are the hidden forces behind the civil wars in Iraq, Syria and other Arab countries.

The author, Hisham al-Habishan, a Jordanian writer and political activist, contends that the goal behind this scheme is primarily to weaken the Arab region by tearing into pieces the existing countries in order to safeguard the security of the State of Israel. The article and the accompanied cartoon imply that the US and the “ Zionist-Masonic movement” are siding with ISIS and even supporting it.

The following are excerpts of Habishan’s article (translated from Arabic):

The goal of the Zionist entity today, and its allies in Washington, by spreading this chaos that followed the Arab Spring in the Arab homeland, is to safeguard their entity, which is called the State of Israel, in the region, and expanding its influence to the closest point, in which it will be able to become the master to whom all 43 ethnic, sectarian and religious entities will obey.

The US, with cooperation with those who disguise themselves as Arabs and Muslims, strives now to establish it in the Arab region. Some world leaders in the West, who belong to the Zionist-Masonic movement, have already long ago drawn their plans to divide the Arab homeland in order that the Zionist-Masonic generations will inherit it generation after generation.

All aforementioned details confirm without a doubt that there is today an actual track to implement the Zionist -American enterprise, which is aiming at weakening Iraq and Syria, to tear them apart and to fragment them as a basis to tear apart and fragment the entire Arab region. This also confirms without a doubt that the goal of the attack, which the entire Arab region and areas are subject to, is basically to tear apart this region in order to serve the colonial Zionist -American enterprise.



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