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Calling Terror By Its Name

by Mike Fegelman

Dougsmith_2 Kudos to Toronto Star sports reporter Doug Smith for using the Terror word and its variants twice in a report on a firecracker that was tossed on to an Israeli pro-basketball court in a game between Halpoel Jerusalem and Holon.

His report then discussed the broader security situation in Israel noting that:

"A frightening chain of events that ended with a security guard’s hand blown up, two of his fingers severed, an arena of fans in panic and players fearing ? momentarily ? for their lives.

?A frightful scene in a Jerusalem gymnasium, when terror met sports, the worst nightmare for athletes normally inured to the possibility that danger from the outside could invade their world."

?Even in Israel, where citizens live with the spectre of terrorist attacks hovering over them daily, it was too much. It was basketball. And basketball is supposed to be free of such horror?



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