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Calgary Herald's "Arab East Jerusalem"

by Mike Fegelman

From the way the Calgary Herald reported on events in "Arab East Jerusalem" today, one would think that this area is separate, either by geography, history, or ethnicity. The term is often used to denote all the areas in Jerusalem that were under Jordanian rule from 1948 until 1967, and use of the term implies that this is the "Arab" side of the city. However, this would include areas like the entire Old City with the Western Wall, where Jews lived for centuries uninterrupted until 1948. In addition, although there are neighbourhoods that are predominantly Arab, there are also neighbourhoods that are predominantly Jewish. There is no geographic line or border that separates these neighbourhoods from one another. To lump all these areas together and collectively imply that an Arab claim to this area is more legitimate than a Jewish claim is simply wrong.



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