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CAJ President Weighs in on Hamas

by Mike Fegelman

Paulf20chroncile_herald Paul Schneidereit (pictured), president of the Canadian Association of Journalists and columnist for the Chronicle Herald assesses why Hamas refuses to accept Israel’s right to exist:

"Why on Earth would Israel, or the so-called quartet of the U.S., Russia, EU and UN which is behind the infamous "road map" to peace, ever agree to fund an organization sworn to Israel?s destruction? Never mind other conditions. Any peace agreement, any pretence of future peaceful coexistence, must be based, in part, on both parties acknowledging that the other has a basic right to be there. To believe that matters should just carry on as before, when this is a major sticking point, is to ignore how basic a principle is at stake here. No doubt, there are many who would wish to paper over this fundamental disagreement in the interests of short-term "stability." That solves nothing, merely pushing the inevitable day of reckoning further away."

?Some critics protest that before one recognizes Israel, one must define what "Israel" is, by its final borders, etc. Sophistry. The nation of Israel is recognized by the United Nations and countries around the world. Not all may agree on the details of borders and other unresolved issues, but all implicitly acknowledge that Israel has a right to exist. To argue otherwise is to attempt to escape the question.?



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