Bungled Headlines of the Day

September 11, 2007

Canadian headlines writers seem to be ambivalent when describing who actually perpetrated this latest rocket attack. So much so that the aggressors, Palestinian terrorists from Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees go unidentified.  The following headlines fail to describe the Palestinian-initiated violence or the aggressors:

CTV.ca: ?Rocket wounds dozens at Israeli army base?

CBC Online: ?At least 60 wounded as rocket hits Israeli army base?

Toronto Star: ?Rocket strike injures 36 Israelis?

Ottawa Citizen: ?Rocket attacks injure 36 Israeli soldiers?

Victoria Times Colonist: ?Gaza rocket wounds 36 Israeli soldiers?

CFRA.com: ?Rocket Attack on Israeli Army Camp?

Montreal Gazette: ?36 soldiers hurt in Gaza rocket strike? (Not online)

There was one exception to the rule.  Instead of a brief complicated headline like other Canadian media outlets, the Vancouver Sun’s headline (which was 24 words in length) indicated who the aggressor was, how many Israeli soldiers were injured, where the incident took place, and furthermore addressed the implications this attack will have in regard to a possible future Israeli response.

Vancouver Sun: ?Palestinian rocket attack wounds 57 Israeli soldiers. The missiles, fired from the Gaza Strip, will likely put more pressure on Israeli government to act? (Not online)


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