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Bungled Headline of the Day

by Mike Fegelman

Today’s bungled headline is courtesy of the Windsor Star.  Check out page A11 in the Star to see the following erroneous headline:


Contrary to this headline and as the article itself details, Jordan’s King Abdullah has called for the resumption of aid to the Palestinian Authority and not to the deposed leadership of Hamas.

Abdullah, who has been labeled a "moderate" by the MSM, is probably the last person in the region who would advocate aid allotments to Hamas.

Jordan, who is one of only two Arab countries to recognize Israel, sees Hamas as radical influences in the Arab world, in bed with their arch foes: Syria and Iran.

HonestReporting Canada has contacted Windsor Star editors and requested that a correction notice be issued in the next edition of the paper.

See how the following other Canwest papers properly headlined this report: Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun, Montreal Gazette, and the National Post.



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