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British boycott a "blow to journalism"

by Mike Fegelman

Nuj_logo Our sister site, HonestReporting.com addressed the ridiculous and self-defeating vote by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) to boycott Israel.

Meanwhile, the Montreal Gazette calls the boycott a "blow to journalism" in a recent staff editorial.

Other choice quotes include:

"Faced with murderous, illegitimate regimes around the world – Sudan and Zimbabwe come quickly to mind – why would British journalists decide that Israel was the one country that deserved, needed, in fact, to be placed outside the world community?"

"Israel is known for the vigor, not to say ferocity, of its press."

"It’s hard to know what the BUJ was playing at. By this action, it has called into question the fairness and impartiality of its membership. This is the worst charge that can be leveled against journalists. The call to boycott is an undeserved blow to the credibility of British journalists and an unwarranted attack against Israel."

HonestReporting Canada letter writer Harry Grunstein took issue with the NUJ boycott in a letter to the editor printed in the Gazette:

"The boycott of Israel by the National Union of Journalists in Britain leads me to believe that the NUJ has abandoned its raison d’etre – negotiating working conditions and wages for its membership – to assume the role of global diplomat and tribunal. Union leaders should stick to what they do best and were elected to do, running a union, and leave the world peace negotiations to those with qualifications. It might also consider the case of Alan Johnston, the BBC correspondent in Gaza and an NUJ member, who was kidnapped and perhaps murdered by a Palestinian group. Israel is not known for such terror acts against innocent people."



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