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Border Breaches: Attacks from Syria and Lebanon

by Mike Fegelman

For more information about the recent border breech attacks eminating from Syria and Lebanon, we refer you to an excellent analysis and round up of noteworthy coverage from the Canada-Israel Committee:

Protests are generally peaceful in Canada. Even when Black Bloc-type protesters bash stores and mix it up with the cops, most other protesters will be quick to disassociate themselves with the violent types. We’re used to “peaceful civil disobedience" – not Molotov cocktail throwing hooligans, foreign rioters tearing down border fences and running amok in our cities, or masked "protesters" hurling rocks at civilians and police while cynically taking refuge behind an ambulance.

Yet that kind of out-of-control violence encouraged and facilitated by rogue regimes that torture and kill their own "pro-democracy" protesters is precisely what Israel is facing in the week of Nakba, which rejects not merely Israeli "policies," but the country’s very right to exist.
Here is a roundup of what the Middle East’s only Western democracy must contend with now – a transparent and cynical distraction from the freedom movements afoot throughout the Arab world:
  • Hundreds of Syrian rioters infiltrated the Israeli-Syrian border into the village Majdal Shams, and in the center of the village violently rioted against IDF forces. Of course, we know what the Syrian regime does to actual protesters in its own country: 850 dead and counting.
  • Lebanese rioters attempted to breach the border while the Lebanese Army (now effectively an extension of the terrorist organization and government coalition power-broker, Hezbollah) stands by and watches. Three IDF officers and ten IDF soldiers were injured. Try to imagine if rioters from Buffalo busted up the Canadian border station and rampaged through Niagara Falls, attacking RCMP and local police as they pillaged through the town.
  • Violent rioters using an ambulance for cover. Note the ambulance driver is making no effort to get out of the area and is effectively facilitating a violent riot that will likely lead to people needing medical attention in a hospital.
  • Palestinians hurling rocks, shooting flares and using firebombs. Not a best-practice case for peaceful protest.
  • Canadians are very familiar with "peace rallies." But how many Canadians have participated in anti-peace rallies? Yes, in the spirit of Nakba, thousands of Jordanian and Egyptian demonstrators are calling for an end to those countries’ peace treaties with Israel. Effectively, they are calling for war with Israel. Westerners haven’t been as used to these kinds of pro-war rallies since at least 1914 – thankfully, we’ve mostly gotten past them.
  • An Arab truck driver reportedly went on a rampage in Tel Aviv, killing one man and injuring 17 near a school. One eyewitness told Israel Radio he heard the driver shouting "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is greater) and "death to the Jews." Just for comparison this is what happens when a truck driver gets involved in a protest in Canada.
  • Jerusalem police forces rescued a woman and her two children when a Molotov cocktail thrown at the police forces missed and went into a ground floor apartment, setting it ablaze.
When calm returns and neighbourhoods are left to pick up the pieces – and survivors mourn their losses – the question Palestinians and the citizens of regimes that incite them to violence must ask is: "What has all of this achieved, aside from a momentary distraction from the unspeakable crimes of the Middle East’s tyrants?"
BONUS –  A roundup of coverage from the blogosphere:
  • Nakba Day on the Golan. The motives of the Syrians who crossed into Israel were mixed. ‘I’m tired of living in Syria, we’d rather die than see more bloodshed," one of the Syrian infiltrators into Majdal Shams told Ynet earlier. He called on Israel to grant him asylum…
  • Egyptian National Unity Rally, Hijacked By Islamists Becomes Anti-Israel Hate-Fest
  • An EoZ Naqba reader. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Nakba 



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