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BBC Poll: Israel has Worst Image, Canada has Best

by Mike Fegelman

Bbc_poll According to a poll released by the BBC’s World Service today, Israel has the most negative image in a globe-spanning survey of attitudes toward 12 major nations and their impacts.  Meanwhile, Canada had the most positive image of those countries polled.

Why did Israel perform so poorly?

The Toronto Star’s Olivia Ward quoted Doug Miller, the Canadian president of GlobeScan, which conducted the poll, who tried to explain:

"One reason for Israel’s low rating could be that our survey was done three to six months after the (July-August) war with Hezbollah in Lebanon,"

Bradley Burston of Ha’aretz echoed these statements, while questioning the partiality of the BBC poll:

"Significantly, the poll was taken beginning in November, when the memory of the second Lebanon war, bitter, bloody, and high in civilian casualties, was fresh…"

"The nature of the question pollsters ask will determine the answers they receive. After all, this is the same news organization accused by an internal inquiry less than a year ago of painting too rosy a picture of Israel."

We wonder, did the BBC help make this negative perception about Israel a reality?



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