"Barbaric strangle hold? on the Palestinian population"???

Ottawa Sun letter writer Hans Sanders contends that Israel carries out a "barbaric strangle hold… on the Palestinian population" that leaves Palestinians in "degradation" and "misery," but in reality, if you go to Gaza, you’ll be exposed to an interesting dichotomy of sorts. The territory is run by Hamas, an Islamist terrorist organization that is committed (both in words and deeds) to Israel’s destruction. As to the supposed "strangle hold," Gaza boasts  five star restaurants, boutique hotels, vibrant and well-stocked markets, first class shopping malls, theme parks, luxury restaurants, sports cars, scenic beaches, and Olympic-sized swimming pools. The International Red Cross, for example, recently confirmed that  "there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza." And if you go to the West Bank, administered by the Palestinian Authority, you’ll be exposed to a region where unemployment has declined immensely in recent years and where tourism has thrived thanks in large part to Israeli efforts at coordinating security operations. The economy has also grown at an almost unprecedented 7% annual rate. The International Monetary Fund reports that there’s been an 18% increase in the local stock exchange and an 82% rise in trade with Israel. These facts alone show that this letter writer was more interested in promulgating propaganda than in disseminating the truth.

And if you’re interested in considering Gaza as your next travel destination, watch this:


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