Back-To-Back Toronto Star Columns Glorify Anti-Israel Hate Mobs

June 11, 2024

Even by The Toronto Star’s own standards, a recent pair of anti-Israel columns were so out of touch with reality that they could have easily been mistaken for being satire.

The first column, published on June 7 by Shree Paradkar, the newspaper’s resident anti-Israel activist (who has written three columns targeting Israel in the last three weeks) entitled: “How Students for Gaza encampments are linked to Tiananmen Square protests,” obscenely compared anti-Israel hate fests on university campuses with pro-democracy protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Paradkar, seeking to rehabilitate the images of the anti-Israel campus occupiers, wrote that “the Students for Gaza movement builds on protests against the Vietnam War, against apartheid in South Africa, and on the Civil Rights movement is obvious.”

If that’s obvious to Paradkar, it’s certainly not obvious to the large majority of Canadians who reject their hateful messages, their glorification of Islamic terrorism and their embrace of violence against Jewish faculty and students. It is Paradkar, not the majority of Canadians, who remains mired in a moral blindness of her own choosing, opting to defend the indefensible pro-Hamas hate mobs.

Unlike the other movements Paradkar cited, the anti-Israel movement on campuses – which is largely not students – is miniscule, measuring a few dozen at the University of Toronto, hardly part of a popular campaign.

The next day, the newspaper published yet another full-blown assault on reality with an opinion column by Faisal Kutty, a lawyer, Faisal Bhabha, an associate professor at Osgoode Law School, and Alex Neve, a senior fellow at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa.

In their joint column entitled: “TMU law school students deserve an apology from prominent lawyers who rushed to judgment,” the trio had the temerity to defend the 74 law students at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) who, in the fall of 2023 shortly after Hamas’ genocidal attack on Israel, penned an open letter embracing “all forms of Palestinian resistance” and which denied Israel’s right to exist.

The meaning of that expression is clear to any honest observer, but somehow flew over the heads of Kutty, Bhabha and Neve, who called the phrasing “ambiguous,” writing that the students were only guilty of “advocating for Palestinian human rights,” and acknowledged that people found it “insensitive.”

Being insensitive would be to make a joke at a funeral. Praising demonic Islamic terrorists who raped, tortured, murdered and kidnapped is a grotesque and indefensible act that should create long-lasting and severe consequences for the signatories, whose names can be found here.

The authors, rather than condemn those who praised Palestinian terrorism, instead demanded an apology from the esteemed lawyers who said they would not hire the students, saying they should “retract their letter and apologize to the students.”

The student signatories deserve no apology; only scorn and derision.

The authors, buoyed by an external review which dismissed complaints against students because they were apparently misunderstood, exhibited a breathtaking ignorance, as lawyer Howard Levitt pointed out in a recent column in the National Post, writing that the reviewer “accepted at apparent face value the students’ claims when he inquired of them that ‘all forms of resistance’ was not meant to include the atrocities of Hamas and that the students were well-intentioned, despite the petition’s language.”

Paradkar, Kutty, Bhabha and Neve are well-known anti-Israel campaigners at The Toronto Star, and Faisal Bhabha’s views are particularly odious, having signed an open letter which can be reasonably seen as justifying Hamas terrorism, and who participated in a panel which called Israel – the world’s only Jewish State, in the Jewish People’s ancestral homeland – a “racist endeavour.”

Any self-respecting publication should think twice about giving these four any legitimacy in their newspaper. The Toronto Star, shamefully, has made its choice clear.

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