As Israel Endures New Wave Of Terror, Canadian Media Misleads

January 30, 2023

In gruesome and terrifying scenes eerily reminiscent of the violence and carnage that Israelis endured during the 2nd Intifada, terror once again struck throughout the Jewish state.

From Friday through Sunday, Israelis experienced one of the worst waves of terror attacks perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists in decades:

• On Friday, January 27, a 21-year-old Palestinian terrorist from east Jerusalem murdered seven innocent Israelis and injured three, outside a synagogue on Shabbat and on International Holocaust Remembrance Day in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Neve Yaakov.

• On Saturday, January 28, a 13-year-old Palestinian terrorist, also from east Jerusalem, shot and critically wounded two Israelis at the City of David site in Jerusalem.

• Also on the 28th, two Palestinian terrorists carried out a shooting attack at a restaurant at the Almog Junction.  Miraculously, there were no injuries.

• On Sunday, January 29, a Palestinian terrorist infiltrated Kedumim and in an attempted terror attack, was shot dead.

These attacks were preceded by an Israeli military raid in the terrorist stronghold of Jenin on January 26, where the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out an arrest raid to thwart an imminent mass casualty attack based on intelligence it possessed. In the course of the raid, the IDF were heavily fired upon by Palestinian terrorists and had explosives thrown at them. In the ensuing hostilities, 9 Palestinians were killed, including 7 terrorists.

Islamic Jihad claimed that two of its men died in a shootout with the IDF, while four of the slain gunmen were claimed by Hamas, and another, from the so-called armed wing of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction.

Subsequent to the raid, Gaza-based Palestinian terrorists fired 6 rockets at Israel and Israel retaliated with air strikes on terror targets throughout the Strip.

Expectedly, considerable media coverage was produced by Canadian news outlets from coast to coast and HonestReporting Canada monitored Canada’s news organizations, filed complaints and engaged with Canadian journalists to ensure fair, accurate and balanced coverage.

For example, on January 26, CBC The National broadcast a report by Margaret Evans (former Mideast Bureau Chief) about the Israeli raid in Jenin where Ms. Evans started off her report by, in our view, drawing viewer sympathy to the deaths of 9 Palestinians by saying: “Palestinian streets crowded again with the living mourning the dead. The funeral of some of those killed in Israel’s latest raid on an urban refugee camp in Jenin, a flashpoint city in the Israeli-occupied west bank. At least 9 people were killed, including a 61-year-old woman who apparently looked out the window at the wrong time. Both Islamic Jihad and the militant group Hamas said they’d lost fighters.” It’s noteworthy that Ms. Evans did not state outright that 7 of the 9 dead Palestinians were terrorists.

On January 27, we called out CBC News for featuring a headline to its report about the massacre of 7 innocent Israelis which failed to identify the terrorist attacker as a Palestinian gunmen. Subsequent to our calling out our public broadcaster over Twitter, this news article’s headline was amended and now properly identifies the attacker as being a Palestinian gunman. (See before and after screengrabs below).

Also on the 27, we called out CBC reporter Saša Petricic (former Mideast Bureau Chief) also on Twitter for publishing an offensive moral equivalence between an Israeli military operation intended to save lives, with a massacre of innocent Jewish worshippers by a Palestinian terrorist.

Reporting for CBC The National on the 27 on the massacre of Israelis outside a Jerusalem-area synagogue, Petricic claimed that the attack occurred “on a road in the middle of a Jewish settlement in east Jerusalem, an area claimed by Palestinians, but occupied by Israel.”

However, as HonestReporting notes: “Neve Yaakov is not a ‘settlement’ outside Jerusalem but is rather one of the neighborhoods that make up the Jerusalem municipality. While it is true that Israel gained control over that area following the Six-Day War, Neve Yaakov does not have the legal status of a ‘settlement’ and is a fully integrated municipal neighborhood. It should also be noted that Neve Yaakov sits on land that was purchased by the Jewish community in the early 20th century and served as a Jewish agricultural center until it was depopulated during the Israeli War of Independence.”

Over at CTV National News on January 28, Quebec Bureau Chief Genvevieve Beauchemin mentioned Israel’s raid in Jenin that saw 9 Palestinians killed, but failed to mention that 7 were terrorists and that Israel had sought to prevent a deadly attack on Israeli civilians. The day prior, CTV Parliament Hill reporter Kevin Gallagher also failed to mention that 7 Palestinian terrorists were part of the casualty toll of the Israeli raid on CTV National News. Gallagher also said that 30 Palestinians were killed by Israel this year in similar incursions, but failed to mention that Israel says that most of the dead were terrorists. As a result, CTV viewers were left with the false impression that Israel has killed 30+ presumably innocent Palestinians this year. Meanwhile, on Global National on January 27, Anchor Dawna Friesen also made this misleading statement about the deaths of 30 Palestinians, neglecting to mention that terrorists make up the majority of the casualties according to Israel and also failed to mention that 7 of the 9 Palestinian deaths in the Israeli raid in Jenin included terrorists from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah.

HonestReporting Canada has filed complaints with CBC, CTV and Global News and has brought our concerns to the attention of Canada’s largest broadcasters calling for corrective action to be taken and for some introspection to ensue, so that journalists can better understand how their reporting mislead Canadians about Israel’s right to self-defense and prevented an accurate and contextualized understanding of recent hostilities between Israel and Palestinian terrorists.


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