AP Acknowledges Terrorist's Staged Events

March 2, 2007

Are Palestinian terrorists playing it up for the camera? According to an Associated Press snippet in the Regina Leader Post today, they are:

Press_con "In Gaza, where unemployment is rampant, there’s one profession that always has an opening: spokesmen for militant groups. Because they are Israeli targets, they often wear ski masks when meeting the media, muffling their voices. The spokesmen all have noms de guerre starting with "Abu," Arabic for father. There’s Abu Obeida, Abu Qussay, Abu Mujahid, Abu Abir and many others. They quickly master the art of text messaging the group’s news. But when they hold news conferences, the venue is most likely a sidewalk to ensure a quick getaway. Gunmen flank the spokesman, trying to look tough. He may be wanted by Israel, but the tableau seems mainly arranged for the cameras."

Bearing this in mind, will AP continue to document these staged events?

Only time will tell.


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