Anti-Israel Radio Program Forced to Issue On-Air Correction

April 26, 2010

In our April 20 communique, we told you about a complaint HonestReporting Canada had filed with Montreal campus radio station CKUT following a false and libellous anti-Israel news report which aired on the station’s Palestinian radio show "Under the Olive Tree." The April 8 report alleged that the Israeli Defence Forces had opened fire on a crowd of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and had killed an innocent Palestinian teen, 15-year-old Muhammad al-Faramawi in the process.

The story of Muhammad al-Faramawi has sarcastically been dubbed the "Return of the Living Dead" by our colleagues at as the Palestinian teenager was in fact never killed by the IDF and is still alive and well today. After bringing this erroneous report to the attention of CKUT’s Programming Committee, "Under the Olive Tree" was forced to issue the following on-air correction on April 22 to set the record straight:

"Just to repeat the correction we made earlier in the show, in the beginning of April, the first week, we played the IMEMC "This week in Palestine" which had an error that was made by all media outlets, almost, internationally, reported that a child, a 15 year-old child Mohammed al-Faramawi, was killed in Gaza by Israeli live ammunition. It appeared later on that Mr. al-Faramawi was lost in one of the tunnels that lead from Gaza to Egypt. So he is thankfully alive."

To listen to the on-air correction please click here or on the image below:

While we appreciate CKUT’s efforts to hold "Under the Olive Tree" accountable to basic standards of journalism, this false "report" is simply the latest anti-Israel libel from the Palestinian activists who have made it their mission to broadcast half-truths, distortions, and outright lies about the Jewish State on their weekly campus radio show. To recall, host Tariq Jeeroburkhan is currently serving a two-month suspension after originally being reprimanded by CKUT, for refusing to retract a report he aired which linked Israel to the infamous Abu Ghraib Iraqi prisoner abuses. CKUT then stepped in and issued the accurate correction later on.

To keep "Under the Olive Tree" in line, it’s imperative to keep up the pressure on the program by continuously monitoring the weekly radio show and by sending in complaints to CKUT’s Programming Committee ( / 514-448-4041 x 2593) should the need arise.



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