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Another Unfortunate Case of Mistaken Identity

by Mike Fegelman

Writing in the Winnipeg Free Press over the weekend, journalist Allen Abel wrote a report which referred to an assassination of the PLO’s then Chief of Operations that took place in Beirut some thirty years ago. In the report, Abel falsely claimed that "the current prime minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu — shot the man 55 times in front of his five-year-old daughter."
What was most likely a really unfortunate case of mistaken identity, Abel referred to the wrong Netanyahu. Contrary to his statement and as the following correction (see right) published in the Free Press in today’s edition notes: "Thirty years ago, Yonaton Netanyahu was one of the Israeli commandoes who participated in an assassination in Beirut. Incorrect information appeared in a May 1 column by Allen Abel."
The "incorrect information" saw Abel erroneously refer to current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a former assassin, instead of his late brother Yonaton. Another unfortunate aspect of this report sees this error still existing on the website of the
Free Press.



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