Aliya Hasan, Co-Manager Of Canadian Defenders For Human Rights, Incites Violence & Praises Terrorism On Instagram

Aliya Hasan (Aliyawa Jamal Hasan) along with notorious anti-Israel activist, Firas al Najim, who we recently had suspended from Twitter, and removed from TikTok, are co-managers of Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (CD4HR) which is a pro-Palestinian Canadian registered non-profit organization (NO.1067715-9).

On consecutive days, January 27 and 28, Aliya Hasan posted content to her Instagram page which has 14,200 followers that not only in our view incited violence, but that praised a Palestinian terrorist who killed 7 innocent Israelis and injured many more.

On January 27, Aliya Hasan posted the following on Instagram:

The martyred hero [Khayri Alqam] of the #AlQuds operation. Allah yerhamo [May Allah have mercy upon his soul] ❤️

Aliya Hasan’s Instagram post included a photo of “the martyred hero” Khayri Alqam with the following caption:

“21 yr old Khayri Alqam has been martyred after carrying out the resistance operation that killed 8+ “israeli” colonizers today

Not to be outdone, the following day on January 28, Aliya Hasan posted more atrocious content to her Instagram page:

F*ck around & find out. Don’t say you weren’t warned! [The scene of today’s shooting operation in occupied #Jerusalem’s #Silwan town, where several “#israeli” colonizers were injured] FreePalestine

A video clip attached to Aliya Hasan’s Instagram post features a wounded Israeli bleeding and lying on the ground after being shot by a 13-year-old Palestinian terrorist. The caption of the video clip reads: “When we promised that the blood of our martyrs would be avenged, we meant it.”

Not only did Aliya Hassan praise a Palestinian terrorist, calling him a “martyr” after shooting and killing 7 innocent Israelis, but she glorified a Palestinian teen-terrorist who wounded 2 Israelis in a shooting attack and said: “F*ck around & find out. Don’t say you weren’t warned!”.

In our view, Aliya’s posts go directly against Instagram’s Community Guidelines Policy under Hate Speech as they incite violence and glorify terrorism against innocent civilians, specifically Israelis. Help us report and flag both of these pieces of content by following these steps:

(Please note you need to be signed into your Instagram account to report)

1- Click Here and Here for both posts.
2- Select the 3 dots in the top right corner of the post
3- Click “Report” which is in the colour red.
4- Select “Hate speech or symbols”
5- Click “Submit Report”


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